Malpas Brook Pharmacy, Newport


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Malpas Brook Pharmacy, Newport is a newly-built pharmacy that opened in 2019. Conveniently situated next to Malpas Brook Health Centre, Goodrich Crescent (off Ross Lane), owner-pharmacist Geoff Thomas says 'it's good news for all patients, but particularly those with mobility or transport difficulties, by providing easier access to prescription medicines'.


Malpas Brook Pharmacy is open Monday - Friday between 08:30 and 18:30


Phone: (01633) 855686


Friendly staff - always helpful!

A Google reviewer.

Malpas Brook Pharmacy

A trading name of Geoff Thomas Ltd.
135 Goodrich Crescent (off Ross Lane)
Malpas Brook
Newport, Wales
NP20 5PF
P: (01633) 855686

Pharmacy Registration

Mr. Geoff Thomas - Responsible Pharmacist

Staff at Malpas Pharmacy in Newport

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